What humanity particularly needs now is a much more general appreciation of the Spiritual Realms: the different levels of energy, the importance of the Heart Centre, the relationship with the Higher Self, the relationship of the Angelic realms with the Earth –all these elements linked together. You need to understand Guidance and how a higher level Guide functions. How do you know if you get a feeling to do something that it is coming from a high and wise place of origin or, alternatively, from a source of negative disinformation?

In the very short time remaining before the Earth completes her Ascent, we have had to find a way whereby relatively large numbers of people can be exposed to the Great Wisdoms, to this great Light energy, these high vibrations — then go on to absorb and retain them. As we have taught many times, given the current state of most human minds, it is very difficult for individuals to even hear the message, let alone understand it. Yet that is crucial for any person seeking to bring this wisdom into the Heart Centre and integrate it within your whole being.

In times past, those individuals, whom had reached that sufficient opening of the Heart Centre, had taken years or decades of training and practice. They had gone through a wide variety of experiences of learning what worked and what did not, what was real and what was false.

At the present time, we have had to find a significant way for those individuals, who volunteered and really wanted to be part of the 5D New Earth, to “sign on” daily, in response to Quan Yin’s very clear offer made earlier this year. They need to know that they will be taken through to be part of the new Golden Age of the 5D New Earth. This is very much part of the ethos and design of the Dnet.

We had to find a way that the Ancient Wisdoms could be absorbed by a process of Spiritual osmosis by those who had reached a certain level of perception, so they could finally graduate from the 3D curriculum. And the Dnet energy structure was what we came up with.

Within the Dnet procedures, as you tune in to form your individual sphere (www.fifthdimensionalnetwork.com) and then going on to connect with the Central Sphere, you are becoming part of an energy structure in which the Ancient Wisdoms flow to your individual sphere and the enlightening human within it. This energy flows each moment of the day and night and we designed it so that the energy flow is carefully modulated to the precise needs and capability of each Dnet individual, to enable it to be assimilated in a balanced way in every moment.

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