The Dnet is something to be used actively. It’s not something that we just do in the morning and the evening, during those few minutes we find to tune in.
It’s something to be aware and conscious of throughout the day, drawing the energy as needed.The eergy through the Dnet is designed to to supercharge every situation in which you find yourself involved. Before you go to sleep, we suggest that you can use the Dnet very positively if you ask for certain kinds of teaching or understanding to be made available to you while you sleep – in the form of dreams or other ways.
The more you interact with the Dnet , the more you will get the strength that you need to move effortlessly toward this 5D level. Since Gaia and her planetary body (the Earth) are moving quite rapidly now towards this 5D level, it is very desirable for all those on the Spiritual Path to do likewise.
The special usefulness of the Dnet is in providing each of you with direct access to the high Spiritual Beings in the Central Sphere – Archangels, Spiritual Masters and Gaia herself. You may want to choose one or two of them with whom you feel more comfortable in establishing communication. Then feel free to ask for help, knowing that the Dnet enables direct two-way communication with these High Beings. If you’re not sure, then you can ask for me (Catherine Guinevere) and I will respond directly. But it’s important to set aside time to develop these relationships with regular contact.
When you start to participate in the Dnet adventure, you will find it easier to stay the course of ongoing connection and use of the Dnet. When you successfully call on the Dnet energy to strengthen you in difficult situations – like standing up to address an audience, facing a particularly difficult client or boss or perhaps a healing need – whatever it is — you’re not on your own.

This is a great treasure to share with your friends or some relevant groups.

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