From Jim Self:

As we enter 2013, the discussion is no longer what will happen, but what has happened. How you think and feel is very different as the new light comes over the mountain. The clarity that you are now about to experience is very different from that which your rational mind has been able to perceive and think through in the Third Dimension.

Much is in motion and much will be experienced in the days, months, and years to come. Internally, very subtle changes are occurring and require observation. Externally, changes will occur suddenly, but not unexpectedly. All will unfold in a more rapid manner. Much as the churches of old were built on flying buttresses based on gravity and how blocks were leant against each other, so too was the Third Dimension created to prevent the Earth from falling into a lower consciousness. As we began to move out of the 3rd dimension over the last 30-40 years, that 3rd dimensional structure became increasingly out of balance and unstable, and now, finally, has been removed. Many people are finding that they have no reference points to lean on apart from their old habits, beliefs and feelings. As they become more unbalanced, many will rely more strongly on the rational mind to guide them. You will see more erratic behavior in world government and finances, as well as disturbances in the Earth’s emotional field. Many will make decisions out of fear, doubt and worry.

You are no longer the same. You are like an accelerated comet moving towards the light with all the “who you are not” falling away. Begin to find Happy and Well-Being in the heart. Be Present. Pay attention. Stay out of fear. Stay in the Present and be pleased with yourself.

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One Response to Moving on from 3D Earth

  1. I'la James says:

    Wow…. Thank you so much for this site. I felt so at home reading the pages of enlightened ones. In the past I was so afraid of losing my so-called identity, now I cannot wait to greet these new changes and to meet like-minded friends who are on similar journeys. We must remain child-like to enter into our new “Home”. I will be keeping in touch, encouraging us all to dance the dance of a new life !
    Ila – (longing for wings to fly)

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