Share your Dnet Experience

If you feel inspired to share your experiences with the Fifth Dimensional Network please leave a comment below.

3 Responses to Share your Dnet Experience

  1. Linda larson says:

    The video and audio tracks on this website are life altering…extraordinary. Sometimes my friends and I listen on a conference call, meditating together. Very powerful. Thank you!!!!

  2. Chelsea Cohen says:

    I have been working within the Dnet for approximately 3 months or so now and I have found this energy to be beautifully subtle, yet utterly powerful! It takes a certain amount of courage to step into the unknown, and working with this energy makes it feel totally safe to step out and completely compelling to find out what happens next. ..thank you Quan Yin.

  3. Ian says:

    I’ve been talking to someone who is offering to help me transition from a 3D lifestyle, ty for the info. As an intelligent self aware person this doesn’t seem to be an opportunity to scoff at. Improving yourself while also being a benificial source of energy to the entire universe is an incredible gift and responsibility to take on. Btw, this was a fantastic, informative read, and I’ll be checking your sight out but it was Atlas, not Hercules, who held the weight of the world. ; ) Atlas. Hence the term for a world map.. Thanks!

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