Exploring the 5D New Earth – An Invitation

Over the last two years, the Spiritual Master Quan Yin has introduced the students of the Chalice School to a series of visions related to the fantastic yet real world being created in a parallel reality. Rather than just being positive imaginings, this New World is actually being created step by step as an ongoing construction project.

The 5D New Earth has real life inhabitants who, while certainly being human, are individuals whose lives operate on a very different set of values and beliefs. Fundamentally, the whole of life expression in this New World is based on love and co-operation – in marked contrast to the conflict-ridden competition for dominance and control within the present conditions on 3D Earth.

From a physical perspective, everything at the 5D level is much less dense than the equivalents on our current planet – whether animals, trees, vegetables, plants soil, rocks etc. An important aspect of this low density is that all physical manifestations are much more flexible and can be readily reshaped or otherwise modified by the projection of waves of energy.

This ability is truly a much sort after opportunity of “mind over matter”, since a focused human mind can not only directly shape their physical environment of home, workplaces, meeting places and landscapes, but can also design and reshape their physical bodies. This is not to satisfy an ongoing cosmetic indulgence, but rather to align the body energetically with life purpose and alignment. Any body parts showing signs of “wear and tear” (what might be termed “aging” in our 3D world) can be renovated to their optimum level of functioning by the powerful and creative use of mind in its life-giving mode.

Obviously, there are significant skills and practices to be learned and understood before an individual can take up residence, let alone fully participate, in such a different and varied environment. To facilitate this learning and acclimatization process, the Spiritual Management Team overseeing the development of the 5D New Earth are providing for a series of Training Dimensions. These provide full-time residential schools in an insulated environment, free from the negative influences all too prevalent on the old 3D Earth.

These schools have the specific purpose of enabling those human individuals wanting to be part of the 5D New Earth to have all the resources they need to take part in this great adventure. The insulation and separation of these Training Dimensions eliminates the constant drag/distraction experienced in the current world, whenever a person decides to take a radically new Spiritual direction towards the Light.

Quan Yin is providing the opportunity through this book “Exploring the 5D New Earth” for you to participate in exploratory journeys to the 5D New Earth and take in the essence of this New World “under construction”. You will experience what life is like at various different levels of the Training Dimension schools. You will be able to feel how the learning experience is both accelerated and deepened in these protected arenas, without the traditional 3D negativity.

If you are drawn to learn more about participating in this great experience, please email us at fifthdimensionalnetwork@gmail.com and register your pre-publication interest in “Exploring the 5D New Earth”. You can also visit our website www.fifthdimensionalnetwork.net and learn about the process of Planetary Ascension from a human perspective. You can also learn about the mysteries of the 5th Dimensional Network (Dnet) through the various articles and sound recordings.