Exploring the 5D New Earth book coverMuch has been written and talked about concerning the coming “New Golden Age” for humanity. Our appetites and desires have been stimulated by dreams of a love-based ideal world or even Utopia. Now comes this remarkable account of a series of journeys to explore the Fifth dimensional (5D) New Earth, which has magically evolved out of our current planet known as (3D) Earth.

The reader is empowered to explore a wide variety of different realities within this New World and be drawn into the early stages of this Creation process. You will get a refreshing view of the underlying principles being applied in this development of a new life arena for humans and many other evolved living Beings.
You will discover that this is an inhabited World founded on love and joyful co-operation, as one would expect from a civilization inspired and primarily managed by the Divine Feminine. Above all, it is a world accessible to those of us who genuinely seek to raise ourselves, step by step, to qualify as fully fledged participants.

“A fascinating insight into a whole new way of expressing human life on our planet. As I discovered the extraordinary ways that life energies ripple through every living Being and structure in this New World, I felt a new inspiration for my daily endeavours to connect to higher levels of Spirit. I am thankful for the teaching Masters reaching out to assist and enable aspiring students”. – Charles Dawson

“An inspirational, evolutionary success.  From the first moments of the first journey I was transformed into an innocent, child-like state of being, discovering the revolutionary 5D New Earth.  This love-based New World clearly awaits all who have an openness to follow their hearts and allow their consciousness to expand into new realities, each journey giving a deeper understanding of the way forward.  It left me with a warm and joyous feeling for the future of humanity.” – Michael Goodwin, Author of “Whatever Happened to George?”

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